Liba Tannour

Liba Tannour is one out of many flatbreads found in our #assortment. It is a soft and thick flatbread with a “bubbly” surface, and with a history that spans thousands of years back in time. 

The story of the well known Tannour began in south and west Asia, and is baked using the same principle today as back then. Nowadays, you can find unique variants of Tannour all around the world, using different methods, shapes and names.

To stay true to its origin and be considered a “real” Tannour flatbread, it has to be baked on one side. This is traditionally done using a clay oven, and baking bread in this manner is one of the most old-fashioned ways of baking bread in the history of mankind.

The Arabic umbrella term for bread that is baked using this technique and originates from the western parts of Asia (where Libanon is located) is “Khubz Tannour”, which translates to “Clay oven bread”. 

Just like its name, Tannour flatbread is a simple yet incredibly delicious piece of #history. It is therefore with great pride that we cultivate this tradition, and offer this magnificent bread in our #selection!